UPDATED! The Read-a-Thon Is Under Way!

By | February 3, 2022

Updated 2/11 As we roll into the final two days of the read-a-thon, we’ve already surpassed our goal by 10,000 minutes and it looks very likely that we’ll break 100,000 total minutes logged!

Updated 2/10 With three days left to go, we’ve already hit our goal of 87,000 minutes read! How far beyond can we go?!?!

Updated 2/9 Halfway through the second week of the read-a-thon, over 80,000 minutes have been logged!!!

Updated 2/8 Hedgies are reading ALL the books! With five days left to go we’ve logged over 70,000 minutes!! That’s amazing…not even 17,000 to go!

Updated 2/7 After a weekend evidently spent reading by the fire, by the window, and everywhere in between, Hedgies are well over halfway there! Just over 31,000 minutes to our goal of 87,000!!

Updated 2/4 As of Friday afternoon, the total minutes read was a whopping 41,524!!!

By the end of the school day on Thursday, February 3, Hedgies had logged an incredible 31,687 minutes read! Wow!!

If we’re going to hit our goal of 87,000 total minutes, we’re going to need to read a little more than 5,500 minutes day for the rest of the read-a-thon. Can we do it?!

Read, Hedgies, read!