Adopt a Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Luau Week May 8-12th!

By | April 27, 2017

Hillcrest Teachers Rule!Thank you to all those who have replied and are willing to adopt our outstanding Hillcrest teachers and staff. We are looking forward to a great week of showing our teachers and staff how much their hard work means to us. We are still in need of more adopters and would love to involve you in this program! Feel free to adopt a teacher and involve your friends in the effort.

Click HERE to fill out an online survey to request a teacher or staff to adopt.
For those of you new to Hillcrest here is a quick description of the program. You volunteer to adopt a teacher or two and you are in charge of pampering them for the week of teacher appreciation.

Some ideas of what you can do include: Bring them a hot lunch, buy them a gift card, put treats and notes in their mailbox, even decorate their class door. Get creative and show our teachers and staff how much they mean to us and the students. The Teacher Appreciation committee will be providing some special gifts, treats and meals for the entire staff during the week, but anything extra you want to do is great.

It is our goal to find adopters for every single staff member who enters the Hillcrest building!
Teacher Appreciation Luau Week