Step Afrika! Assembly – Today, November 7th

By | November 7, 2017

Step Afrika! AssemblyStep Afrika!, the first professional dance company dedicated to the tradition of stepping, brings a unique energy that will shake the floor and fill the air in the Hillcrest Cafeteria on Tuesday, November 7!

Step Afrika! artists use their bodies as instruments and combine footsteps, claps, and spoken words to produce complex rhythms. Stepping is an American art form created by African-American college students, and Step Afrika! tells this story while also teaching universal lessons of teamwork, discipline and commitment. Students will enjoy learning the history and culture of stepping, while also discovering how dance unites people and cultures. Step Afrika! performs nationally, internationally, and all over the DC area. The company performed for President and First Lady Obama at the White House in February 2016 and won the D.C. Mayor’s Outstanding Contribution to Arts Education Award in 2006.

All grade levels will be treated to this one-of-a-kind assembly. 9:30am Grades K-2 and 2:30pm Grades 3-5.