Lighthouse School / S.T.A.T. Presentation Notes

By | March 23, 2015

Lighthouse SchoolsAt the PTA meeting last Wednesday night, Mr. Eric Sloan gave a presentation about the upcoming Lighthouse School initiative at Hillcrest which will bring 400 new computers to Hillcrest. Here is what he had to say: “Thanks so much for having me present last night, I just love our parent community – they are so great to talk with and I always get great ideas and feedback by speaking with people after the meeting, and so many great questions. Here is a link to my presentation.

I am also planning on doing another 10 min spot on the next meeting that will focus on the shifts in instructional practice that is at the heart of the STAT program and how it is being implemented / demonstrated at the lighthouse schools and at Hillcrest. I will outline how a specific lesson would have been taught and what it looks like with the constructivist approach.

Maximizing power of these transitions really will be a team effort involving students, teachers, and parents so the more information I can send out and the more we can give to our parent community about the initiative the better – thanks again.”

Eric Sloan
STAT Teacher
Technology Liaison