Kids Clubs for Winter through Spring

By | January 3, 2018

Kid's ClubsWe have some new and exciting changes for Kids Clubs this winter! Bus service home will be available to all students attending clubs on Mondays and Fridays. In addition, scholarships are available for all clubs. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to the cafeteria for a quick snack before clubs start at 3:45. Clubs end PROMPTLY at 4:45PM. Each club will have its own registration link. If you need assistance or have any questions about the registration process or new bus service, please email us at Registration ends January 11th.


Club Sci Kidz
Jan 22-April 9th (10 weeks, no class Feb 19th & April 2nd) $159
Register Here: Club SciKidz

  • Grades 1-2 LEGO WEDO Meets KNEX
    Another unique first by Club SciKidz. This class will combine new maker products from KNEX to help students understand mechanical movement. In the later weeks of the program we will transfer these skills to LEGO WEDO® models with motorized moving parts. The focus will be on simple machines and how they are used to make robots move-levers, wheels, screws, and pulleys to name a few! You will be impressed by the understanding your young engineer will grasp in this BRAND NEW program.
  • Grades 3-5 NXT Robot Programmer
    Robots are not just a thing of the future in this class. NXT Robot Programmer uses Legos to bring robots to life. Students will build and program robots of all types. Learn how robots are a part of the future! Create a dog sled team and travel to Alaska to compete in the Iditarod. Protect your valuables in a combination lock that you build. By the end of the program, students will design and build a robot that can solve one of the problems facing the world today.


Grades 2-5
January 16-March 9 (8 weeks) $176
Register Here: Silver Knight Coding
Learn to code your own games and animations using Scratch. MIT developed Scratch
10 years ago to give kids a fun way to learn programming skills and computational thinking. Each multi-week session includes all new projects that all kids will enjoy, from beginners to advanced coders. What will you create?

Environmental Club
Grades 1-5
April 10-May 15 (6 weeks) $60
Register Here: Environmental Club
Environmental Club will be working on projects to help Hillcrest be green! Some projects will include recycling items to be used in the courtyard using items from the Maker Lab, making videos for the school to promote repurposing and recycling and helping to educate the Hillcrest community about environmental issues. This group will be led by Mrs. Capka.


Grades 1-5
January 18-March 22 (10 weeks) $155
Register Here: Abrakadoodle
We celebrate Crayola® and fabulous things you can imagine using their products! We create with Crayola® watercolors, Model Magic® modeling compound, chalk, tempera paints, special crayons, oil pastels, acrylic paints and more while exploring color, designing vertical garden sculptures, and building nocturnal animals. Bubbles pop with drawing chalk! A still life explodes onto paper with construction paper crayons and pastels that inspire lively molas. Have a colorful time creating your own Crayola art!

Grades 2-5
January 18-March 22 (10 weeks) $100
Register Here: Yoga Club
This kid’s class is the perfect outlet for tuning in and unwinding after a busy day of school. It will help young yogis to calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. We will work on building self-confidence and self-awareness. A great class for gaining tools to help deal with school and life. Classes are fun and interactive, includes yoga poses, breathing exercises, games, partner work, guided visualizations, relaxation as well as art or journaling from time to time.


Grades 1-5
February 2-April 20 (11 weeks, no club 3/30) $154
Register Here: Silver Knights Chess Club
Chess Club is taught by experienced Silver Knights instructors using a curriculum developed by National Masters. Each weekly session is a mix of learning and play. Playing chess is a great way to develop a child’s critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, and patience – all while having fun!

Grades 3-5
January 26-April 6 (10 weeks, no club 3/30) $100
Register Here: Drama Club

In Drama club, we combine theater game and exercise with improvisation and scene work to develop the basic acting tools of voice, body and imagination. We also focus on practicing acting skills like concentration, cooperation and communication. A class performance of short scenes will immediately follow our last class.
Please note: Students must be able to follow directions, stay focused on the current activity and work cooperatively in small groups with minimal supervision.

Grades 1-2
April 20-May 25th (6 weeks) $65
Register Here: Drama 1-2

This class for 1st and 2nd grade students will combine theater game, exercises and improvisations to introduce the basic acting tools of voice, body and imagination. We also focus on practicing acting skills like concentration, cooperation and communication. A short demonstration will immediately follow our last class.