Invest in Hillcrest at Back to School Night

By | August 13, 2016

Invest in Hillcrest at Back to School NightWe hope you will join us at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 6 at 6:30 pm (for grades K-2 parents) and on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm (for grades 3-5 parents). Make your Invest in Hillcrest contribution on or before Back to School Night to be entered to win a Hillcrest Hedgie basket chock full of items!

  • Did you know that our tax dollars do NOT pay for your child’s extracurricular activities, school assemblies, or programs such as Math/Science and Literature Night?
  • Did you know that on average, teachers spend $400 of their own money on supplies and needed materials for their classrooms?
  • Did you know that a one-time contribution of $125 per Hillcrest family eliminates year-round PTA fundraising and does away with candy and wrapping paper sales?

The Invest in Hillcrest program was created to eliminate year-round fundraising by asking each and every Hillcrest family for a one-time donation of $125 dollars. No more candy sales at your workplace on behalf of your child, no more asking your own mom and dad to buy wrapping paper! Perhaps you cannot give $125. Just give what you can; every dollar helps to support the extra activities that make Hillcrest extraordinary. And remember, your donation is completely tax deductible and may even be matched by your workplace!

Please help us continue to make Hillcrest an incredible experience inside and outside the classroom. Invest in Hillcrest by clicking here.