Implicit Bias Exercise: Desks by Dads

Bias is the inclination to judge without question. It is an automatic response from our brain that happens without awareness, intention, or control. Implicit biases don’t make bad people, but the ability to recognize one’s bias and to disrupt its influence on decision-making is the key to equity and justice.

Before you continue, make sure you’ve read this article profiling the work of Desks by Dads.

Now answer this question: when you read about dads building desks for kids in need, what kind of dads did you imagine? If you were surprised that Desks by Dads was “an opportunity to highlight the strengths of Black and brown dads…” you are not alone. The white savior narrative is popular and comfortable; assuming that those in need are brown and black, and that those helping are white, are examples of implicit bias. By recognizing this in our own thinking, we become better equipped to speak up for a more just society.

If you want to help build desks for virtual learners who need a space to work, you can find the Desks by Dads plans here.

If you want to learn more about the work of the HES PTA Equity Committee, visit our website. Then, join us on Monday, Oct. 12, at 8:30 pm to continue the work of challenging your own biases and working to recognize and dismantle racist structures in our community:

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