Why Invest?

PTA Sponsored Activities Enrich Your Child’s Learning Experience

PTA programs augment the school’s curriculum and events to help your child get the most out of their education.  The PTA provides many of your child’s favorite activities, such as School Assemblies, Literature Night, and more.  Whether it is Invest in Hillcrest or Race for Ed, all programs work together to complement each other and cohesively address the multiple needs of the school.

Invest in Hillcrest dollars support the following initiatives:

Support for Students and Teachers

  • Financial Assistance for Children in Need to Attend Field Trips and After School Clubs
  • School Supplies for Children in Need
  • Direct grants to Hillcrest to support needs identified by teachers and administration
  • Classroom Supplies for Our Teachers

Extra-Curricular Events and Activities:

  • Literature Night
  • Math & Science Night
  • International Night
  • Overarching liability insurance for all Kids Club Activities

In-School Enrichment:

  • Assemblies on age-appropriate topics across all Grades
  • Healthy Kids Initiatives
  • Courtyard and Outdoor Classroom
  • Building Community for our Kids
  • Kindergarten Picnic
  • 5th Grade Picnic and Dance
  • 4th of July Parade Float