Winners of PTA PrizesQ: What is Invest in Hillcrest?
A: Invest in Hillcrest is the fundraising arm of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). There are two fundraising events per year–one is the Direct Giving Campaign at the beginning of the year and the other is a Read-a-thon held in the Spring.

Q. What is the Direct Giving Campaign?
A. The Direct Giving Campaign is our answer to traditional fundraising. The Direct Giving Campaign was created to eliminate year-round fundraising by asking Hillcrest families for a one-time donation. No more candy sales at your workplace on behalf of your child, no more asking your parents to buy wrapping paper! This campaign is held in the Fall with kick off at Back to School Night and it wraps up around Giving Tuesday with our envelope campaign.

Through the envelope campaign, we hope to communicate to families that it’s not about how much you give, but rather about participating in the PTA at whatever amount is right for them.  This campaign provides families with the opportunity to support the PTA monetarily, through volunteer services, and through PTA membership.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: The money raised goes to support students and teachers to support extra-curricular events such as literature night, math and science night, international night, and the fish release program; to buy school supplies for children in need; to help subsidize classroom supply purchases made by teachers; to provide financial assistance for children to attend field trips and after school clubs; and to cover liability insurance for all PTA-sponsored activities. It also provides in school enrichment such as:

  • assemblies
  • healthy kids initiatives
  • the courtyard and outdoor classroom.

Money also goes to support special activities such as a kindergarten picnic, possible 5th grade picnic and dance and the 4th of July Parade float.

Q: How much money should I give?
A: We are suggesting that each family (not child) give what they can to our direct campaign. This one-time payment eliminates the need to sell wrapping paper, pizza kits, candy and other items to raise funds. 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to the programs, whereas with other fundraising programs, there are extensive administrative costs which result in less funds being donated to our mission. You are certainly not limited to the $125 gift, if you choose to give more. You are also welcome to give less, if $125 is not the right amount for your family. In addition, we encourage parents to contact their companies about their matching gifts program.

Q: So if I pay this one-time fee and support the Read-a-thon, are those the only things I will be asked to pay for the year?
A: Invest in Hillcrest Direct Giving Campaign and the Read-a-thon are the only PTA-sponsored giving campaigns, however; the school itself possibly sponsors other fundraising initiatives. In the past these initiatives have been Race for Education, Jump Rope for Heart and ArtWorks. All programs work together to complement each other and cohesively address the multiple needs of the school.

Q: What is ArtWorks?
A: ArtWorks is a school-driven fund raising initiative where a work of art your child creates in art class is able to be transposed onto items that you can then purchase, such as a coffee mug or note pad. These make great holiday gifts and the money raised goes to the Hillcrest art program.

Q: What else should I know?
A: There are a host of other activities throughout the year whose primary purpose is community outreach, but which may contribute to PTA funds. Examples of this are Spirit Nights, Bike Rally, Fun Runs, etc.

Q: How do I donate?

« IN PERSON with cash, check or credit card at Sneak a Peek or Back to School Night

« MAIL a check to Hillcrest PTA, 1500 Road, Catonsville, MD 21228 Attention: Invest in Hillcrest

« ONLINE at https://www.hillcrestelementarypta.com/donate-membership/

« VENMO @Hillcrest-PTA

« DROP donation in main office or send with your child

Don’t forget to check if your company makes matching donations – it’s free money for our kids! All donations are tax deductible, Hillcrest PTA is a 501c3 organization. The Hillcrest Elementary School PTA’s tax identification number is 23-7077051, group 1999 under PTA Maryland Congress of Parent and Teachers, Inc.

For additional information on Invest in Hillcrest, please contact: investinhillcrest@gmail.com.