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Or download the Invest in Hillcrest 2021-2022 form and mail your donation directly to the school:

Hillcrest Elementary School PTA
1500 Frederick Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228

By Investing in Hillcrest, you are supporting the programs and teachers that make your child’s experience here more than just a “school.”

Through the PTA, we have an impact and a voice – the things we do together are more than the sum of what each of us could do individually. The impact is direct and tangible, from investing in more technology for the school to helping make Hillcrest attractive to the best teachers. The voice comes from the overall PTA’s standing as the largest, oldest and most recognized means of providing parents influence over their child’s education. The PTA is a volunteer organization comprised of dedicated parents and teachers who share common goals. We welcome your engagement and support in one of the most active PTAs in the state, and thank you in advance for being part of us.