Days of Taste

By | June 2, 2017

Days of TasteIf your 4th grade child came home last week wanting kale, fetta, blueberries, and lemon – and then shared fascinating facts about honeybees – he/she participated in the Days of Taste at Hillcrest over the last two weeks.

Days of Taste is an educational food program that brings together professional chefs and farmers with elementary schools children to encourage students to appreciate the taste and benefits of fresh food. The discovery-based program uses hands-on (and “tastebuds-on”) activities to introduce children to the elements of taste, and to help them understand food’s journey from farm to table.

The primary objectives of Days of Taste are:
1) To explain how food goes from the farm to the table
2) To introduce students to the idea of balance, for good eating and good health
In addition, the program tries to accomplish several secondary goals, including:
a) To build students’ food vocabulary to describe foods and tastes
b) To help students learn how to experience and compare tastes
c) To inspire students to make good choices of foods to eat

The last Days of Taste session will be held Tuesday 5/30. When your 4th grader gets home on Tuesday, ask him/her to share the days of taste workbook to learn about local produce and how to make your taste buds smile with heathly food choices. Maybe event ask him/her to help you prepare a healthy salad.

Special thanks to Riva Eichner Kahn – Days of Taste Director – TasteWise Kids for offering this FREE program, the 4th Grade Team (especially Ms. Swann), and the Hillcrest PTA for organizing this event.