Custodial Workers Day is October 2!

By | September 20, 2022

There are so many ways our school custodians help us out! Shoveling snow, sweeping the hallway, cleaning the cafeteria…the list goes on and on and on! We are so lucky to have Vance Scovens, Brandy Carter, Tracy Gregg-Akenyemi, Dana Green and Kirk Samuels show up for us.

Let’s show our amazing custodial staff how much we appreciate them. Color a picture, write a letter, create a poster or make a card! This is a great way for students and their families to express gratitude in their own, unique way.

If you’re stuck and need inspiration, check out this PDF. Print one or print as many as you need to show your gratitude! There are adaptations for students in all grades.

You can also make your own card or poster or sign. ALL IDEAS AND CREATIONS ARE WELCOME!

All creations should be in your child’s take-home folder to go to the front office by Friday, September 30th. 

If you don’t have time now, no worries. We will have plenty of opportunities in the future to show our appreciation!

Click on the image for a PDF full of ideas for showing our custodians our gratitude!