Cultural Programs

The Cultural Programs Committee sets up the assemblies that use PTA money that bring music, theatre, and dance to the students. Our budget also provides literature experiences to the grades, most notably a playwright who does a residency in the spring with the 4th grade.  For more information contact: Jens Hanss.

Upcoming Assemblies:
Coming soon!

Past Assemblies: 

  • ‘Everyone Belongs’
    [A gentle, funny, assembly program that engages students and leaves them with the skills and knowledge to stop bullying at school.] Mr. Paul (Paul Hadfield), a professional counselor and entertainer, teams up with sidekick Mr. Barry (Barry Wood), to bring children the knowledge and skills necessary to stop bullying at their school. Mr. Paul brings his experience counseling children and the latest bullying research while using magic effects to illustrate key points. Mr. Barry leads children in role-play situations to teach and illustrate bystander skills. Together, they form a comedy team with the unique ability to make a serious subject both engaging and fun.
  • ‘A Window to My Heart: A Story About Bullying’ Alden Phelps; Using rapping, singing and storytelling, Alden tells a tale of a boy who gets bullied at school and how he stops it with the help from students & adults.
  • Hall Trapkin, “Percussion Discussion”: Snares you into learning about the world of percussion with amusing demonstrations and audience participation. From a sound effects space fantasy, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the kettledrums, a Latin-Afro audience ensemble, a marimba cartoon classic, to ending with “A History of Drumming and Music in America”, everyone is mesmerized during this comical introduction to percussion.
  • New Moon Theatre, “Amahl and the Night Visitor”
  • Billy Jonas, funky folk music