Celebrating What Makes Us Different!

The Equity Committee presents the “My Identity” poetry exercise.

Thanks to Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman’s moving reading of her piece, “The Hill We Climb,” poetry is having a moment right now. This is especially true for young people beginning to find their place in an exciting, diverse, complex and sometimes scary world. The “My Identity” activity is meant to be a simple exploration of who our Hedgies are. There is no right way to begin, no right way to write a poem. This should be fun, maybe surprising, but not stressful. Students and caregivers may (and, in the case of the youngest students, should) work together to determine how each student will approach the exercise. 

The Equity Committee has also provided a pack of Crayola Multicultural Crayons. Until recently, children of color have not had their skin tones accurately represented by Crayola. These crayons, combined with the STEM Committee’s activity, will allow students to create self-portraits that are truly representative. We celebrate the diversity of all of our children and look forward to seeing their portraits!

My Identity Poem activity (in English)
Mi Poema de Identidad activity (en Espanol)

The Equity Committee would like to thank Hillcrest’s own Sra. Rojas for her assistance with the activity translation into Spanish! Any errors or awkwardness in the translation are the fault of the Equity Committee alone.

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