Ice Cream is for Hedgies!

Who Well known for serving up classic flavors along with a constantly evolving roster of delightful, small-batch flavors beloved in Baltimore, Taharka Brothers’ award winning ice cream lineup includes favorites like Honey Graham, Key Lime Pie, and Caramel Crunch. Taharka Brothers is widely known for their unique social mission, focused on creating an impactful, profitable… Read More »

The Return of Literature Night!

Surprises and fun await at Literature Night! After a two-tear hiatus, Hillcrest’s Literature Night makes its triumphant return THIS Friday, February 17, from 6-8 pm. Please join us for a dance party, a spy mission, milk and cookies, the Karma Dogs and more for an exciting evening of family fun! This year’s theme is Perseverance… Read More »

PTA Elections are coming!

This May, the PTA will hold elections. While anyone interested in running for one of the executive positions is welcome to, we must elect a new President, 1st Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. Anyone interested in learning more about a particular position can check out the quick guide (below) or email

American Education Week is Nov. 14-18

American Education Week is an annual, nationwide celebration honoring the enormous team of people who work in our nation’s public schools, everyone from the bus drivers and classroom teachers to the cafeteria workers and administrative staff, plus countless others. Each grade will have a specific day that parents and caregivers can visit their students’ classroom: Pre-K:… Read More »

Custodial Workers Day is October 2!

There are so many ways our school custodians help us out! Shoveling snow, sweeping the hallway, cleaning the cafeteria…the list goes on and on and on! We are so lucky to have Vance Scovens, Brandy Carter, Tracy Gregg-Akenyemi, Dana Green and Kirk Samuels show up for us. Let’s show our amazing custodial staff how much we… Read More »

Welcome back, Hillcrest!

It’s back-to-school time, and as part of the Hillcrest community, we know it’s never too early to appreciate the people who dedicate themselves to our students! We all recognize that our school is amazing, but did you know that the teachers’ lounge – the place where Team Hillcrest can step away and take a breath… Read More »

Celebrate Juneteenth!

President Abraham Lincoln may have issued his Emancipation Proclamation on January 30, 1863, but it was over two years before enslaved people in Texas received word, when Major-General Grange read General Order No. 3 (above) on June 19 in Galveston. Juneteenth has been celebrated on June 19 since, and in 1980 Texas became the first… Read More »

Thank you, Upstanders!

Thank you to all of those students who attended our How to be an Upstander! training on June 1. We all learned a lot from each other and have taken big steps toward making Hillcrest an even greater place to be! We look forward to coming together again after the summer break to continue our… Read More »

Be an Upstander! Training for Students

The Hillcrest PTA Diversity and Equity Committee is excited to offer “Be an Upstander!” to your child/ren. This after-school activity will be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 from 4:10 – 5:00 pm. It will be led by PTA Diversity and Equity Committee co-chairs, Taylor Crockett and Mindy Merlo. Unfortunately, transportation will not be available.… Read More »

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